• 2010

Company Description

Appercut Security develops software that focuses in on code analysis for companies that develop business applications.

Appercut Security is an innovate technology developer, focused on business application source code analysis, finding malicious backdoors and protecting against insider programmers. The company's flagship product, Appercut Custom Code Scanner, is a web service, designed for holistic scanning of additions to SAP/R3, Oracle, PeopleSoft Enterprise systems and other business applications in the ERP, Automated Billing Systems, HRMS and CRM segments. Simplicity, availability and the efficiency of the product ensure its usefulness to organizations of all size, with all types of property economic sectors. Appercut's clients are large-scale enterprises and government companies that either develop their own business applications or extend the standard ones, such as ERP, CRM, ABS and billing systems. Appercut Security products allow companies to increase productivity, compatibility and security of their applications, as well as confirm to regulator standards.