• 2012 July 02

Company Description

Appetas offers a restaurant marketing platform that enables restaurants to easily create web, mobile, and social sites.

May 7th, 2014: Appetas joins the Google team! http://www.blog.appetas.com/blog/2014/5/7/appetas-is-joining-google Appetas' restaurant marketing platform gets restaurants online instantly and empowers to easily market themselves. Appetas’ technology can instantly create beautiful web, mobile, and social sites for restaurants using their real menu, hours, and location. We reach restaurants through established partner channels and provide our marketing platform as a service. Individual and small chain restaurants struggle to establish a quality online presence. They understand the importance of marketing online but existing options are too complex, expensive, and time consuming. Appetas gets restaurants online in seconds with great looking web, mobile, and social sites provided alongside a partner they trust. They can make updates themselves or opt for a full service option.