• 2009 April 01

Company Description

AppFirst is redefining the possibilities afforded by next generation IT infrastructure and investments through unprecedented visibility

Only AppFirst’s patented technology provides a solution for collecting every event across web-scale applications, regardless of the infrastructure type or programming language. With microsecond visibility into all the applications and supporting resources across their shared infrastructure, IT Operations can now deterministically get to root cause, effectively footprint applications to determine exactly what resources that application requires, and proactively identify when their applications become wobbly. Those responsible for the infrastructure finally have a way to continuously understand the performance of every application running on the shared-resources they own. Key Highlights: **Real-Time Capacity Planning** - Only AppFirst enables capacity management based on app performance rather than server utilization. You can now add or remove resources based on live application behavior, the direct measure of service effectiveness. **Your Application Footprint** - To effectively consolidate servers or migrate to the cloud you need a way to look at a running application and determine exactly what resources that application requires. As well as a facility to show, with certainty, what network communication is happening between applications within your ecosystem. **Deterministic Root Cause** - Only AppFirst can deterministically get to root cause by directly measuring response time and accurate resource utilization metrics. Complete and granular collection of every event across every component and system is the only way to achieve this. **Enabling Automation** - Robust automation can only be accomplished with more data driven triggers to automate scale and recovery. Only AppFirst provides the complete data required to fully harness automated decision making.