Company Description

AppGenius helps connect users to great apps through personalizied charts. Developers, get new users and media exposure free!

AppGenius is an app store that begins by getting to know what a person cares about in all aspects of life, e.g., yoga, baking, meditation, etc. This allows us to curate the 1.5M apps and create custom charts according to that individual’s interests. See friends' app lists, what apps are trending socially, and make more contextual decisions on what to download. To keep our users and apps connected, we aggregate a person's downloaded app media and news stories in one centralized newsfeed so content is no longer buried behind pages of unopened apps. Our mission is to help developers find and engage their audience without having to pay outrageous costs so every app can have a fighting chance! We offer acquisition, retention, and predictive analytics all starting at a low monthly rate.