• 2013 June 01

Company Description

AppInstruct provides online educational courses in the realm of app creation.

AppInstruct provides an online delivered Course in the mobile apps business. With plenty of choice now existing in the leading 2 app stores, it’s increasingly important that entrepreneurs and developers approach the market in a professional and knowledgeable manner, in order to maximise their chances of success. Our Course comprehensively provides all the critical knowledge and skills required, split across 10 easy to follow tutorials. The tutorials have been prepared by leading experts in each of the relevant fields. We provide students with the skills and knowledge to: Professionally research their app idea; Technically understand the app they’ll make; Get started designing it; Find and engage professionally with developers, and Find a market and launch. Greatly increasing their chances of being successful. Services The Course begins by examining the current smartphone and app market trends, highlighting where opportunities definitely exist, before looking at the best methods to research and diligence your app ideas. We then explain the technical requirements of various apps and the cloud platforms that can be utilised to launch your app. Great design is a key distinguisher, so we teach behaviour, user experience and user interface design, before looking at project management techniques and working remotely with teams through the outsourcing sites. An understanding of the legal and fundraising principles assist in protecting the idea and building out a business. Students then learn all the potential marketing techniques with examples of how these have been successfully employed by app developers within the app stores, concluding the Course by learning how to deploy their apps into the stores and to manage the key first few weeks and months after launch. Our aim is for students to turn their ideas into great apps as quickly and smoothly as possible, so as to maximise their chances of launching successfully. Students can ask questions of tutors either via email or during the weekly, global video hangout.