• 2010 January 10

Company Description

Appitalism provides a catalog of premium apps, songs, books, games and videos.

Appitalism is a place to discover, discuss and download digital media for almost any device. Appitalismâ€s catalog of millions of premium apps, songs, books, games and videos has what youâ€re looking for on your smartphone, tablet, PC or ebook reader. Our site is different because our store is programmed by members for members, and it is powered by conversations not algorithms. What this means is that how our store looks and feels is determined only by the reviews, ratings and discussions of our members. Only members have the power to decide what apps, songs and content make the cut, so itâ€s easy to find the best content in any category. At Appitalism, what you see is what you get. We appreciate everyoneâ€s input, so members who frequently contribute to the site earn App Rewards which can be redeemed for any of the content in the Appitalism catalog. Local versions of the Appitalism.com service are live in more than 50 countries around the world.