• 2015 March 01

Company Description

Appivo is a low-code platform that enables anyone to build Web and mobile applications.

Appivo empowers users to create their own apps without code and without infrastructure. Leaving cumbersome collaboration portals and ill-fitting spreadsheets behind, users build the apps they actually want to use themselves; in hours and days, not months or years. With Appivo the application scenarios are virtually limitless. From order processing and sales enablement, to project tracking and field reports with GPS tagging, Appivo brings real results to real companies with low TCO and rapid ROI. Built with the non-developer in mind, Appivo’s intuitive interface is for everyone; even if you’ve never heard of style sheets, scripts or schemas. Users easily create universal apps that run on any device: desktop browsers, tablets and mobile phones. Advanced users like Web and backend developers appreciate the advanced functionality and secure architecture. Users can easily plug in their own HTML, CSS and Javascript, and take advantage of the secure REST APIs. The elegant architecture includes market-leading technologies like MariaDB, Redis, OpenStack and Ansible, and is built with decades of world-class Java experience. With zero new skills to learn and zero cost to get started, there are zero reasons not to give Appivo a try.