• 2012 April 04

Company Description

Mobile App Development Company

Appizon is a simple, easy to manage online app builder (no-code platform) that allows consumers to create their own Google Play (Android) and Apple iPhone Apps without any programming experience. With the App Management System, consumers can implement social media, images, podcast streams, pdf files, music sharing, videos, gps directions, coupons, QR Codes and more all into one app. Best of all you can update your app anytime, in real-time. Appizon is: Fast - build your own app in minutes and update it any time you like without need for AppStore resubmission. Updates in real-time Inexpensive - monthly subscription for a constantly updated platform vs. large cost for a static application and more cost for improvements. Industry- Aimed towards musicians, hotel chains, restaurants, photographers, nightclubs, bars, online e-commerce stores and more.