• 2010 March 01

Company Description

AppJobber is a mobile application designed for primarily European users to search for jobs.

AppJobber.com helps companies cost-effectively obtain geographically diverse data through crowd sourcing. This could be anything from updates on traffic regulations and new store openings to regional price checks and much more, nationwide. Companies are able to upload questions, small control tasks, and surveys to the AppJobber platform, where a registered smart-phone user, a Jobber, completes them. GPS data on the app tracks the waypoints visited, and confirms the Jobber’s location. With this service, companies are able to save much money in personnel and travel costs. Smartphone users also love it, because it allows them to earn some extra cash in their free time. When Jobbers are in the right location, they can complete these tasks in minutes – while waiting for a bus or in between classes. It has been called the “App of the Week” by Bild.de and was named the “Best App for Minijobs” for 2012 by AndroidMag. AppJobber has been available in Germany - on android and iOS app stores - since December 2011 and further expanded to other 7 countries all over Europe, offering thousands of microjobs. This is a success story of an available crowdsourcing tool going international.