• 2013 May 31

Company Description

The World's Smartest Kettle. App Volume, Temperature and Time Connected. A More Useful, Smart Beverage Making Experience For Everyone.

Appkettle's vision is to develop the electric kettle into a more useful and connecting product to benefit more people throughout the world. Appkettle improves a kettle's use, how we interact with it and it removes any unknowns associated with controlling it remotely. Through the use of appkettle's technology, patented concept and functionality, appkettle provides a user with real-time visual feedback through the mobile app. Volume, temperature and time are all linked and visible in Appkettle. With these three variables included into the user feedback the following features are only possible through Appkettle: • Smart scheduling - With volume sensing, Appkettle uniquely starts water heating before the time scheduled, ready for when you arrive. • Perfect Tea Brewing - Users can set temperatures with a simple slide and tap of their finger; notifications are then linked to reaching this temperature. Cool-down cycles can be scheduled to boil and then cool to reach optimum drinking temperatures to create perfect tasting tea's. • Baby Bottle – This feature allows parents using the app to check the water level, boil and then set a cool down temperature (e.g. 70°C) for the baby formula at a time to suit you. It’s that simple. • Volume and Illumination Link – With volume and illumination heat link, users on the app are able to see the water level in the kettle – if it’s in use, or being scheduled. • Share, Discover and Learn Preferences. With Appkettle's cloud system we aim to open up a connected interface for sharing your favourite beverages and learning new one's. • Much more... A smart home product is more then a blind remote with alarms, it connects with all users. We want to skip forward the smart home appliance category a couple of years and benefit more people, sooner, whilst not creating more wasteful, smart products. Thanks and let's all have a smarter vision of what we expect from IoT and smart products.