• 2012 September 01

Company Description

Apple4Egg helps you to experience your passions and hobbies better.

Apple4Egg is a unique blend of customized online shopping and social media. Now, you can experience your hobbies and passions like never before! Enter your interests and Apple4Egg will browse shops and clubs for you, connecting you with others with similar interests, in minutes! Your dashboard will automatically be updated and those items that are specific to your interests will appear first when you login. You can search your area and see what items and members are located near you! Find an item that you’re interested in buying? You’re able to purchase the item with money, or swap an item for it. Apple4Egg enables you to form and join groups with other hobbyists. Each group is connected to a Facebook page which is linked to a shop where group members can promote their items for sale. You’re able to upload pictures, enter in product history and even save product information for purchased items. We want to simplify your life, enhance your hobbies and passions, and save you valuable time. Don’t hesitate; Apple4Egg is everything you need in a nutshell!