• 2011

Company Description

AppLearn created ADOPT a world leading software Adoption platform.

AppLearn has over 5 million users, in 172 countries and in 34 languages. Our story is being told across the world. ADOPT is leading change. Built from years of research in a market that is expected to be worth $124bn by 2017. ADOPT draws on years of AppLearn’s IT and software adoption research to deliver the world’s most powerful, most effective adoption tool. For Employees ADOPT has a suite of innovative in-and-out-of-application tools that coach, guide and deliver productivity. For Project Teams ADOPT lets them plan, evaluate and act to distribute support and comms based on real-time data and analytics. For Executives ADOPT has the ability to start reducing costs and getting visible returns on your user licenses along with advanced insights to champion the business change vision. Now every second of every day someone is using our insights to deliver their business vision.