• 2015 December 09

Company Description

Appliance.com the only Market Place for appliances - committed to being the only resource you need, whether researching, purchasing,etc

Appliance.com is the national online resource for individuals looking for appliances, consumer electronics or home improvement products whether it is down the street or across the country. To simplify the process of finding a new appliance to purchase, Appliance.com offers buyers one of the most comprehensive databases of thousands of appliances around the country. Appliance.com is committed to be your one stop for anything and everything you want or need to know about home appliances. We are dedicated to helping you make the best purchasing decisions for appliances. We take pride in our knowledge of appliances and consumer electronics and we want to make that knowledge work for you. Appliance.com is committed to being the only resource you need, whether researching, purchasing, or repairing one of the central pieces of your home. We are committed to bringing you earnest product reviews, the latest information in new trends, energy efficiency and cash saving tips. The Appliance.com product team works with manufacturers from around the world to offer you the best values on the most diverse group of products available. The Appliance.com home service team is dedicated to guiding you through any and all of your appliance needs. The Appliance.com mission is to bring all of these elements together to create a complete resource for appliances, consumer electronics and home improvement.