• 2013 November 01

Company Description

Scheduler + Grid + ETL + Auditing

Applied Algo ETL Suite = Quantitative Platform = Scheduler (aka 'Batch Processing') + Load Balancer (aka 'Grid Computing') + Built-in ETL + Change Management/Security Auditing + GUI (Client + Embedded Web interface) JobController automatically persist Execution Result, whether it's a port scan, or result from a Time Series Analysis. Data table is Automatically Created and Versionned, with column types either inferred from actual data or from schedule configuration. User may plugin computation of all sorts via Extension API. Extension API is designed with Simplicity & Adaptability as primary design objective, exposed via WCF (Web Service) and RabbitMQ. User may plugin computation of their own coded in practically any programming language. Worked samples bundled coded in unmanaged C++/Java/.NET. We've worked it all out for you.