• 2017

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Founded in 2017, our goal is to develop software centered on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that revolutionize customer experience.

Founded in 2017, our goal is to develop software centered on Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI expands, consumer products and services will be reshaped completely. AI has the potential to give mass consumption apps a huge pick-me-up: these are the kinds of tools we are developing in our studio. We are constructing our latest project from the ground up: optimizing a consumer app by leveraging the power that lies at the intersection between AI and social behaviors. The Apply AI studio team has history in Latin America but have relocated to Silicon Valley. We have been building products for the social web since 2005, when we started Taringa.net, an intelligence collective social network. Our team has worked together for the past 10 years building what grew to become the largest social network ever created in Latin America with millions of users worldwide. In many LATAM countries, Taringa is the second largest social network, just after Facebook and ahead of Twitter. Also, Taringa was the very first massive consumer platform to incorporate bitcoin as a way to share revenues within its community. Today, our team is taking advantage of the benefits of AI technology by building a wide array of new AI tools and applying them to new products, such as Gif Surfer, a gif discovery platform which uses AI specifically for image recognition and AI machine learning and big data, in order to identify content and serve Gifs that we can guarantee users will love. Eventually, with all of our AI tools combined, revolution will take place.

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