• 2010 March 01

Company Description

School and Job Application Tracking

ApplyMate.com is the first free web app that helps users track school and job applications. Now, rather than just flinging dozens and dozens of applications out there, people can track due dates, sync calendars, see all apps in progress, and get email reminders – all in one place, for free. With unemployment at 9.5% and the typical unemployed worker out of work for six months, people are either applying for jobs like mad, or going back to school. The need for a free tool like ApplyMate.com has never been greater. The Blog On August 26, 2010 we launched the ApplyMate blog (http:applymate.com/blog). Here youâ€ll find posts relevant to ApplyMate users – people applying for jobs, high school students applying for college, college students applying for grad schools, or some combination of the three. If someone's a recent college grad and is looking for a job while contemplating or pursuing grad school, they really need all the help they can get. Thatâ€s the whole reason ApplyMate.com and the Blog exist.