• 2011 May 01

Company Description

AppMatrix is a developer providing clients with effective mobile applications and content, back-end analytics.

We don’t just build Apps… we build mobile experiences and with solutions to properly support them. AppMatrix is a Mobile Experience Provider! We work closely with our clients to begin establishing a one-on-one relationship with it’s customers for increased brand awareness and loyalty, by delivering immersive, engaging, timely, and more importantly, relevant experiences to mobile smart devices (customers) in order to capitalize on company mobile initiatives. Our goal is simple, to propel the Creative, Immersive Mobile Experiences! Our goal with every customer is to develop and design an engaging and immersive mobile experience that optimizes their brand promise thru relevant content. We look to propel the creative mobile process by delivering proprietary software development and analytical tools to the mobile development community. The AppMatrix team is comprised of experts in developing rapidly evolving mobile marketing strategies, processes, and mobile content delivery. Our core competencies include the design and development of feature rich native mobile applications across multiple platforms and devices that comprise the vast majority of today’s marketplaces (i.e. Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.). Learning from historical Internet lessons from years past, the AppMatrix Mobile Loyalty Program provides clients with effective mobile apps, back-end analytics, AND the knowledge to be successful from day 1.