• 2015 November 27

Company Description

Appnamics is the leading cloud service marketplace and identity management platform for the modern enterprise.

Appnamics is transforming the way businesses purchase, access, and manage their software through its cloud commerce, identity, and workflow management platforms. Appnamics enables companies and their administrators to purchase and provision business software and automate tedious IT and HR tasks like onboarding, password and access management, auditing and reporting, and more. Employees can access and use their favorite software in one organized interface. And software vendors can market and sell their applications directly to their targeted audience through the Appnamics Marketplace. By combining end user and vendor solutions into one ecosystem, Appnamics lowers the cost of business operations, increases visibility, and simplifies distribution for software vendors while strengthening security and automating IT and HR tasks for the enterprise. Appnamics simplifies the way employees access, manage, and organize their software applications resulting in increased workplace productivity.