• 2010 June 10

Company Description

Appoke is an online social app store for Android devices.

Appoke is a social application store for Android. Appoke wants Android users to be able to share their applications more easily. Because on other app stores, it's difficult to find good applications that are not at the top of a category, we think people should be able to share their app discoveries easily. On Appoke, users can : - Discover their friends†Android apps by browsing their installed apps. - Recommend apps to their friends by sending them instant notifications. - Subscribe to their friends updates and see their comments and likes in real time. - Install apps in one click from their web browser or directly from their phone! And developers can - Make their applications stand out. Their apps appear in users†feeds everytime someone interacts with them via download, comment, or like. They will also appear in your users†profile pages. - Connect & interact with users of their apps by receiving real-time feedback and keeping them updated. - Make their applications go viral with Appokeâ€s unique recommandation system and other social features.