Company Description is a platform for instructors to create, share and sell courses or for organizations to privately train their teams.

Apprendo a’re an e-learning firm that’s been working on both e-learning content and software since 2004. In late 2012, they finally decided to create a one-stop shop for companies to train their teams and for instructors to build and sell their training. Most systems out there are incredibly piecemeal: developers, content producers and trainings forge ahead with their work, but rarely share what they’ve learned. (It’s ironic, really.) What the marketplace needs is an all-in-one learning system where these three groups can build solutions with ease. Aprendo solves this by providing online content creation easy enough to get you started with your first version of your training, a marketplace where you can buy learning resources from other members, and a space to promote your training to users that need your expertise as well as an API that helps to close the gap between training and performance on the field. They are building the Apprendo learning platform to help instructors, companies and developers around the world to create sustainable training and engaging content quickly and easily.