Company Description

Appro was a leading developer of supercomputing solutions supporting High Performance Computing (HPC) markets focused on medium to large-scale deployments where lower total cost of ownership is essential. The company was known for accelerating technical applications and business results through outstanding price/performance, power efficient and fast time-to-market solutions based on the latest open standards, technologies, innovative cluster tools and management software packaged with HPC professional services and support. Appro was based in Milpitas, CA with an advanced computing center in Houston, Texas, and a manufacturing and support subsidiary in Korea and Japan.The year of 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of Appro and success in the HPC market. The company had grown from an OEM manufacturer to a complete solution provider of supercomputers as well as a supplier to world-class customers in Government Labs, University/Academic, Financial, Energy and Manufacturing industries.Cray Inc. purchased Appro in November 2012. The merging of these two companies will move HPC forward by strengthening Cray's product portfolio and providing flexible industry standard supercomputing Solutions with Cray Storage to increase market penetration.