• 2009

Company Description

App review videos, ratings, & deals for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian, Windows, OSX, Linux, with our HTML5 web app launcher.

The [Appr.tv](http://appr.tv) channel features **app video reviews, tutorials, ratings, peer-to-peer user support, and a storefront** for **app deals** across **mobile devices** and desktop computers. App reviewers submit videos and users vote them up or down, providing trusted peer-guidance on apps before purchase or download. The Appr platform pulls video content directly from youtube, vimeo, and many other video sites on the web. App experts share and monetize their knowledge through Appr's real-time app and platform support network. App developers offer apps as part of deal bundles, gaining market share. Developers can also feature official video promos, product tours, and app discount coupons. Registered users utilize a web-based springboard app launcher, accessible from web-connected mobile devices. Appr provides a channel and platform for app reviewers, developers, and users to monetize their expertise and grow their businesses.