• 2013 June 20

Company Description

Apps Launcher is an software app that helps to install new software in PC and smart devices.

Apps Launcher is a global, integrated and strategic marketing platform entirely dedicated to the world of Apps. Apps Launcher’s purpose is to help developers and owners in promoting their Apps both in the launch phase and in increasing their downloads. Where did the idea come from? Company founders Fabio Bancalà and Alessandra Massaro were planning to launch a social app on their own so they focused their attention to the apps market. There are presently 800k app in the stores, a number that experts say will increase up to 5 million in the next 5 years. Huge! Here is the idea: instead of competing against 5 million people and teams of developers behind the apps, why do not see them as customers and help them to reach their goals. Apps market is presently booming but there is still a lack in services dedicated to these Apps. Supplying this lack is this start-up value proposition. Apps Launcher aspires to become leader in marketing services for devs and app owners, first in Europe and among the first in the world. Through an accurate mailing service this start-up sends its customer’s press releases to thousand newspapers, specialized reviews and magazines, high tech blogs, influencers, investors, users from more than 30 countries. Customizable web pages, strategic and viral marketing, social media marketing are other main services that show how this start-up believes in social power. The management has a clear business development strategy, divided into 3 phases: • Launching the platform, including a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo ( months 1-6 ); • Consolidation in the US market - the leading market, including opening an office in New York area, hiring two developers and a social media marketing specialist, and a seed funding round from VC ( months 6-24 ); • Opening new sales development channels in China and India, Apps Launcher second main markets, including an office in Hong Kong ( months 24-48 ). To achieve these goals, the management is developing strategic partnerships with some other branding start-ups in Silicon Valley. Apps Launcher has planned a fair reselling program dedicated to developers and marketing consultants and firms to develop its business with an international vision. Apps Launcher is also an easy tool for users to stay tuned on apps just launched. In the next few days the Newco will raise funds on Indiegogo with perks, discounts and subscriptions for its bakers. Apps Launcher motto is “the best way to promote your app”.