Company Description

Apps Mav creates social media applications that help businesses extend their reach.

There is a demand in the industry for Facebook Apps for businesses - Custom and Off the shelf, that help businesses to grow. Digital media marketing company, Maverick Mav has created Apps Mav, a full-service social media agency. Clients can purchase Facebook Apps package (which includes about 20 apps) relevant to their business or requirement. For a basic price (based on the number of fans on their page) they get all apps relevant to their industry vertical. Facebook Apps are developed mainly under 4 headers - 1. Anchor/Business Industry relevant apps 2. Contest Apps 3. Promotion Apps 4. Social Commerce Apps Apps Mav Services: 1. Social media marketing solutions, 2. Custom Facebook Apps 3. Facebook Apps Packages (Ready to use; White label Apps available) 4. Facebook Ads 5. SEO and Google AdWords 6. Affiliate programs