• 2010

Company Description

IT market research organizations

APPS RUN THE WORLD represents a new breed of IT market research organizations that make readily available quantitative data and intelligent insights to you when you want them. In the old days they called it WYSIWYG. Now it's all about ease of use. The usability factor, coupled with our easily accessible data, perspectives and relevant content, puts us in a unique position to reshape applications research. Our Mission We want to become the No. 1 source for applications research for any organization that has a vested interest in the $100-billion+ applications marketplace. Our Philosophy Through rigorous research on a full gamut of applications markets, we deliver research reports, vendor profiles and customer implementations via multiple subscription options enabling visitors to our Super Sites to become more intelligent and savvy buyers, vendors and investors. By offering them hard-to-get market data and addressing their specific information needs, we aim to become their trusted advisor when it comes to applications research. Transparency is the guiding principle of our research. Every report that we publish, every consulting project that we take on and every survey result that we make available to our clients should meet that requirement. Simply put, there should be absolute clarity on how we gather the data, formulate our analysis and convey the results without any ambiguity or obfuscation. At APPS RUN THE WORLD, we believe transparency is the mother of quality research. That’s why we make available free of charge some of our valuable research reports to anyone who visits our Super Sites. We can’t think of a better way to showcase the quality of our research than making it freely available to customers, vendors and key stakeholders. Whenever you are ready to become one of our subscribers, just sign up and access a whole lot of information on the applications market that you care abou Research Services For Applications Users We offer a complete suite of research offerings for applications users to help drive their decision making process when evaluating, buying and maintaining their applications. These offerings range from ad-hoc inquiries to dedicated sessions designed to meet their specific requirements. Advisory services We can offer a comprehensive analysis of applications vendors, delivering concise and well-sourced studies on their strengths, customers, opportunities, risks, ecosystems and market shares using our SCORES methodology. Hands-on workshops and Webinars We can deliver on-site strategy sessions with executive teams to help them better understand the market dynamics through scenario-building exercise, cost-benefit analysis, as well as bespoke materials for justifying applications investment. Research Services For Applications Vendors With decades of experience covering the applications market, our analyst team can help vendors improve their sales, marketing and product management efforts with unparalleled insights and actionable recommendations. Product Management We offer vertical and horizontal applications market sizing data that can be split by region(Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific), customer size(XL, Large, SMB), revenue type(License, Maintenance, Subscription), or any specific segmentation requirement. We can drill down into the market dynamics at the country level by providing adoptions and buying trends of applications among the top 20 countries ranked by their GDP. Sales Enablement Salespeople and field operations from all disciplines of the IT industry can take advantage of the fruits of our continuous demand-side research efforts, accessing a steady supply of customer leads and snapshots based on their business challenges, reasons to purchase and upgrade apps, strategies of decision makers, and implementation priorities. Channel Alliances The big middle is what a sound and robust ecosystem is all about. By looking at the big picture of channel alliances, we offer intelligent and customized analysis of win-win partnerships among applications vendors, BPOs, ISVs, VARs, systems integrators, cloud hosting service providers. Research Services For Key Stakeholders For key stakeholders such as applications channel participants and investors, we specialize in custom research services that allow channel partners and investors to have a competitive edge with proprietary market data, carefully prepared analysis of major and agenda-setting applications vendors as well as what it takes to build and deliver innovative programs that foster a thriving applications ecosystem. Investor Services We work closely with sell-side and buy-side tech investors, hedge funds, private equity firms to quantify the total addressable markets of an exhaustive list of applications categories and to help them better understand applications vendors that are considered ripe targets of mergers and acquisitions in their due diligence process. We offer timely market data and insights on leading and up and coming applications vendors with granular segmentation by country and region, vertical and subvertical, product brand and module, customer focus as well as recurring revenue stream. Channel Partner Services We help channel partners identify key vertical opportunities and the corresponding vendors with thorough examination of their upside rewards and downside risks. We also offer detailed case studies on best-in-class channel programs and international partnerships between channel players and emerging applications vendors that are eager to expand globally. Our Research Our name says it all. APPS RUN THE WORLD is all about applications research. Because of the pervasive nature of applications in our everyday life, there is a growing demand for accurate, timely and meticulously prepared research reports that quantify, analyze and predict the total available markets for applications. Definitions Of Applications And Applications Markets We use a fairly broad definition for applications. Applications are software programs and/or presentation layers that enable users to automate a discrete enterprise function. Examples include ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), general ledger, human resources, manufacturing, order capture, sales and marketing and other back-to-front office functions. For vertical-industry applications, we define them in the similar vein - meaning that these applications are designed to perform any one of the five following functions - back-office, front-office, customer information management, operations and specialized capabilities like Picture Archiving Applications for healthcare providers. Other examples of vertical-industry applications include Fulfillment in Communications, Project Costing in construction, Catering in Leisure and Lodging, Claims Processing in insurance, Point-Of-Sale in retail, Smart Metering Infrastructure in utilities, and Student Information Systems in education.