• 2013 September 15

Company Description

App development

My app is called Slide (“Slide Photos” in the app store or discover it at www.slide.co). It just got approved in the app store on Tuesday October 15th. It’s a photo sharing app that enables users to share up to 10 photos at once. The thought process behind this was that you can't post more than a few photos to instagram without people getting annoyed at you for overposting. With Slide users are essentially sharing a mini photo-album of up to 10 photos. I’ve downloaded and tried a lot of “Slideshow” genre apps and they all try to attain the same result: Making a corny slideshow with sound or music. My app is not about making slide shows but about giving users the ability to share more of their experience with their friends. It’s more similar to posting photo albums than making a slide show. Slide is like an un-stitched Pic Stitch. Pic Stitch shows that people are craving the ability to share more than one photo at a time. Features: - Share up to 10 photos at once - Share to Facebook and Twitter - Generates unique Slide.co share URL when shared. Example: http://slide.co/p/MTU5fDEx - Shared slideshow is mobile optimized. - Ability to Like/Comment - Popular page - Hashtag Search/User search - Facebook login - Email registration The current version 1.0 is the basic launch version. The 2.0 update is coming in two-three weeks and will make the app more complete. It will include things like: Photo cropping, ability to share to Instagram (as a slideshow video), 4Square API to check in places, a friend finder, recommended users, a Play/Pause button and loop feature to watch slides more easily, and more. Other refinements will include: ability to see another users follower/following list, ability to see list of who liked another users Slide, notification for mentioning another user with @ symbol, and more. I want to add filters but that will be in the third update.