• 2010 May 10

Company Description

AppSame provides political marketing services.

AppSame (All Political Parties are the Same) works on the streets with real people building up real fans for politicians on Facebook and Twitter, we have over 80 people today, working daily meeting with real people, talking to them about the upcoming elections and introducing them to the Facebook and Twitter pages of our clients asking them to join these pages and inviting their friends to join, building a huge fan base for our clients who then can get their message out to them. AppSame currently has 24 clients who use our services to promote their campaigns throughout the USA. All of our clients are from different political parties, each one are people we feel are the best for the offices they are running for. AppSame is about to launch in December 2010 it's Election tracking software to give our clients data they can use long term to gain support and funds for their campaigns as they need it. AppSame is committed to providing our clients with the best and most cost effective way to reach the America public long term, building them a huge fans base of Real People they can communicate with and people who share with their friends and family, helping our clients to win the elections they are running for.