• 2011 January 05

Company Description

AppsBidder is an app marketplace and gamification platform that rewards social media engagement, app downloads and app sharing.

Appsbidder.com publishes and distributes mobile software, various applications, desktops software and web based software, facilitated by independent developers and software content providers on all platforms (mobile/ web/desktop). Appsbidder Inc is a mobile and web distribution channel for software content providers on the mobile, web and desktop platforms. Platforms supported include but not limited to: android, blackberry, ios, windows phone7, windows, Linux, unity 3d, flash and more. We also offer multi-licensing options to enable software developers to do more with their software. Appsbidder also enables individuals or companies to outsource services like mobile/desktop/web based apps and games development from a software development focused classified service. Developers and content providers are motivated to sell on our platforms because we have the lowest commission in the industry: 17%. Buyers are motivated to shop for software and applications from Appsbidder because we add value to their experiences through gamification and reward programs. Applications or software is delivered to users using sms, quick response (QR code), email, and download to PC option or through our mobile channel app store. Value is added to software developers because we are competitive on sales commissions with the app store, android market and Handango