• 2010 April 20

Company Description

AppsBuilder is a self-service app creator for smartphones that allows its users to create apps with no technical knowledge required.

AppsBuilder: Powering your mobile business with apps AppsBuilder (www.apps-builder.com) is the innovative mobile publishing and distribution platform that empowers SMEs and large enterprises to build a solid mobile presence, reach new customers and improve client retention through powerful mobile apps. Thanks to its powerful, yet easy-to-use platform, AppsBuilder represents companies’ best partner to expand business reach, while locking in existing clients with its effective app-based technology. AppsBuilder’s services include all the state-of-the-art tools to create, manage and distribute mobile apps and reach a broader audience through a wide range of promotional channels, including QR codes, landing pages, social networks integration and app store submission. To support SMEs in their marketing and client retention operations, AppsBuilder has developed a whole set of CRM tools to allow brands to engage with customers in long-lasting relationships and geolocalize their communications to maximize reach. AppsBuilder’s technological core comes with a cutting-edge business toolkit that includes push notifications to communicate more efficiently with users; geolocalized couponing to market sales and promotions on the go; in-app forms to gather users' feedback and generate new leads for your business; and loyalty cards to boost client retention. Advanced analytics is also provided to monitor applications’ rates and trends and assess the performance of mobile campaigns. Thanks to AppsBuilder’s cloud-based system, users can add new content and refresh layout anytime they want, then preview changes in real time. In just a few clicks, they can synchronize their website content with their app, so to offer their users a satisfying up-to-date mobile experience. In a nutshell, AppsBuilder is the ultimate solution to take your business to new heights through the most innovative mobile technologies of our times.