• 2010

Company Description

AppSec Labs is a Advanced application security consulting and training.

AppSec Labs is a vibrant team of professionals who love application security. Founded by Erez Metula, a world renowned application security expert and is the author of Managed Code Rootkits. Their mission is to raise awareness of the software development world to the importance of integrating software security across the development lifecycle. Their team has accumulated years of experience in penetration testing, consulting and training of secure coding and hacking at the highest level. Their customer base is diverse, from financial, homeland security, governmental, e-commerce to hi-tech, They do Their best to improve product security. Their endless curiosity drives us to continuous research of emerging technologies and platforms placing us at the top of the charts in Their field. They are constantly researching and developing new professional tools to improve penetration testing for a multitude of platforms. AppSec Labs has positioned itself as a groundbreaker and leader in the field of mobile application security and is looking forward to the challenges of the new millennia. They are looking forward to helping you and your organization achieve the product security level you are seeking.