• 2012 March 03

Company Description

AppSocio is an experienced mobile app development company that builds solutions for brands operating in all industries.

AppSocio is a leading app development company with exceptional resources, the latest industry research-based knowledge and massive experience, which fuel our capacity to cater to the needs of small, mid-size and large enterprises in terms of building an online presence for customers, including advanced app solutions of all kinds such as: AR, VR and TV Apps. We design and build mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. We also leverage the true power of web design and development to meet the requirements of your industry. With hefty experience and being the tech-geeks that we are, we keep a close eye on emerging technology cycles while brainstorming your idea, and rapidly producing solution that drive your brand to success. Based on the targets you envision for your brand, we recommend and use technology that matches your specific business needs.