• 2009

Company Description

Mobile Software Development Company

Appsolute Genius is a custom mobile app development firm. In late 2008, Andria Jensen and Brian Cauble were working together on software that they didn’t believe in, for a company that they no longer loved. They were looking to make a change in their own lives and a difference in the lives of others. At that time, it seemed as if everyone was buzzing about the iPhone and its quickly growing library of apps. Apple’s App Store was only a few months old, but it was already obvious that there would be endless possibilities for changing the way people use their phones. Armed with plenty of Apple devices, Andria and Brian quickly became an enthusiastic part of the Apple fan base. It was in February 2009 that our first iPhone app was created and Appsolute Genius was officially born. Our purpose would be to enhance the mobile devices people use each day, and make the lives of those who use them easier by doing so. We love making mobile devices easy, fun, and useful for people at all levels, from a tech-savvy hipster to a grandmother with her first smartphone. We love what we do, and it comes across in the services we provide. We truly believe in making products that help companies meet their goals and make their customers’ lives better. If you meet with us, you will understand our passion and excitement for the endless possibilities of mobile applications.