• 2012 March 29

Company Description

AppThwack is a company based in Portland, Oregon, focused on building automation tools and services.

AppThwack automatically tests Android, iOS, and web apps on 100s of real, non-emulated phones and tablets, providing reports in minutes so issues are caught well before deployment to customers. Developers and QA teams upload apps via the web client or through the API (Continuous integration, IDEs, etc) and AppThwack tests them on the desired devices. The built-in test suite require no code or instrumentation, and includes install, launch, AppExplorer - an intelligent crawler that dynamically navigates and interacts with the app, and stress. In addition to the built-in tests, AppThwack supports custom tests via all popular automation platforms (Robotium, Calabash, UI Automation, etc), making it possible to take full control of devices and exercise specific flows and behaviors in a given app. Focused reports generate in real time and contain high-level trends, low-level details, performance profiles, and high-resolution screenshots.