• 2015 March 14

Company Description

Online portal to launch your apps or games in China and Unexplored Marketplaces

APPTUTTi respects CREATORS. Our Partner Resources Portal is to empower worldwide creators to showcase their creativities on the giant stages of China and Unexplored Markets. Localization, SDK integration, IP Registration and other necessary services for a DIRECT, EQUITABLE, SPEEDY and TRANSPARENT launch of foreign apps/games in China and Unexplored markets. APPTUTTi is an efficient hub to connect creativities on to the big stages that they didn’t/couldn’t cover, doing something that Google Play could not deliver for app/game developers. Started from a very humble beginning to currently being the largest mobile content provider in China - all within a span of 18 months. We strongly believe in rising by lifting others and that is exactly how we’ve become a force to reckon with within the app and gaming industry in China.