• 2010 February 07

Company Description

appubator is a business incubator that works with the public to design, develop, and launch their ideas for new mobile applications.

appubator, inc. is the business incubator for mobile apps. Have you dreamed up an idea for a mobile app, but lack the resources, experience or knowledge to make it a reality? That's the reason the founders created appubator (short for Mobile Application Incubator). appubator works with the general public to design, develop and launch their ideas for new mobile applications. We help make people's dreams become a reality. appubator has already developed a number of mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. Through that experience, the company knows what it takes to develop a great application and to get distribution in the major online marketplaces. The public submits its ideas through the company's website or online apps. Once an idea has been approved, appubator will invest the money and resources on the software development and marketing and share 30% of the revenues back with the submitter. appubator takes all the risk and creates income opportunities for people who share their great ideas.