• 2011 January 05

Company Description

Cloud-based sales and marketing tools

Appuware provides a suite of cloud-based sales & marketing tools that break open the information gap between app developers and the major app marketplaces. With Appuware's 'App Manager', mobile app developers can now know who their users are, how their apps are used and to act upon this information to grow their businesses. Easy to implement across the major smartphone platforms, developers can now: 1) Know your customer through opt-in registration tools, 2) Measure app usage to improve product experience, 3) Interact with users with integrated in-app, SMS and push messaging, 4) Issue, Verify and Revoke app licenses to stop piracy, 5) Offer trialware or virtual goods with in-app transactions Instead of having to build a required cloud infrastructure to support this functionality, developers can offload this burden onto Appuware.