• 2013

Company Description

AppyParking is the UK's youngest and most disruptive parking company.

Click to edit position descriptionAppyParking is the UK's youngest and most disruptive parking company. Drivers are lost when it comes to trying to find information about parking at a destination. That is until now. AppyParking is more than just another parking app. We’re all about Big Data with Big Detail. AppyParking has created a Content Management System called The Parking Platform that understands every possible rule, restriction and tariff from the fragmented world of the public and private parking sector. In short we’re providing the world’s first standardised parking data set and search engine for the public and private sector. Automated parking is already a reality and driverless cars are certainly the future. It’s AppyParking's mission to fill the missing piece of the jigsaw and tell the cars where they can and can’t park. Available as an API, app and web application, AppyParking not only benefits B2C drivers but it saves the B2B mobile work force from millions in parking fines while increasing productivity.