• 2014

Company Description

Apriori is an international data aggregator. We have expertise to find, acquire, and process the data from many countries and languages.

Apriori is an international data aggregator with special expertise in finding, acquiring, and processing government issued ID data from many countries and languages. We acquire ID and other large sets of data from verified and reliable sources and make this data suitable for use by government agencies and leading companies worldwide. We acquire, process, and enhance close to 2 billion records internationally every year in dozens of languages and hundreds of formats. Apriori supplies data for a wide variety of legal purposes, such as age and identity verification for banking, E-commerce, and government functions. Apriori uses the latest and greatest of new technologies combined with time-proven classic technologies to produce world-class data products. We bring together the best experts using the best available software to deliver modern data and software solutions for clients in many industries. By leveraging our team's many years of hands-on experience and breadth of knowledge in best-of-breed data toolkits, we’re able to address today’s most complex data-related challenges quickly and efficiently. We use a precise mix of computer technology with geographic, cultural and linguistic rules to accurately understand, parse, and enhance raw data into finished products that deliver exceptional value to your organization. One of our key skills is acquiring hard-to-get data that is only available in non-Roman character sets, such as Cyrillic or India’s Devanagari scripts.