• 2010

Company Description

APrivacy is an award-winning FinTech company that provides the banking industry with information security and tracking services.

APrivacy provides the banking and finance industry with an information security and tracking service anywhere, any time and on any device. APrivacy’s enabling technology allows banks to drive new revenues, reduce risk and support compliance efforts. APrivacy’s patented solution empowers bankers to communicate and share information with their clients using the devices they prefer (iPhone, Android, etc.) via the channels they prefer (Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox, etc. ) and the medium they prefer (Email, PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, etc. ). With APrivacy financial institutions achieve a level of control on their information they previously did not have, such as retrieving emails or documents even after they have been sent and/or downloaded onto a client’s device. Additional controls include blocking a recipient from forwarding, printing, saving information and geo-fencing protection . Everything is supported by strong data analytics and audit trails. APrivacy’s patented solution satisfies the banking industry’s most strict security and compliance requirements whilst enabling seamless and enjoyable client communications.