Company Description

AptiWiz offers next-generation SD-WAN based, fully cloud-managed networking infrastructure solutions.

aptiWiz was founded to address the emerging multi-billion dollar SD-WAN and IoT market. SD-WAN technologies allow enterprise WAN connectivity to be accomplished faster, less expensively, simpler to manage and most importantly dynamic in nature via traffic detection and real-time policy based routing. For years, enterprises have been straddled with either low bandwidth T1s or expensive MPLS networks. aptiWiz's SD-WAN technology utilizes multiple commodity broadband connections and delivers a WAN pipe that is intelligent, dynamically adjusts to changing WAN conditions and/or traffic patterns and is more fluidly controlled than traditional premise based connectivity solutions. The aptiWiz mLINK Cloud Service delivers the same private enterprise network that clients are paying for today at a fraction of the cost. aptiWiz is privately funded and Head-quartered in Silicon Valley, USA. They have an R&D Center of Excellence in Bangalore, India. The aptiWiz team consists of networking industry veterans from Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Apple, VMware, Qualcomm, Sonus and Nortel Networks.