• 2014 June 01

Company Description

APUS, the smallest, fastest and easiest User System

APUS refers to a smartphone user system, which essentially is a lightweight operation system. It connects mobile users around the world with internet. Founded on June 2014, APUS Group released its first product, APUS Launcher, on 2 July 2014. And by 2016, there has been more than 1 billion installs for APUS System and APUS series products.These make APUS Group the fastest growing mobile internet company in the world. From the beginning of 2016, APUS has officially carried out its monetization. In January, the monthly income exceeded 10 million RMB and in the next months, the income has been increasing at rapid speed. By the end of 2016, income exceeded 600 million RMB. The commercial income of APUS Group is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth. Since its foundation, APUS has become strategic cooperation partners with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, InMobi as well as other mobile internet tycoons. In August 2015, APUS became an official member of the Billion Dollar Startup Club by Wall Street Journal, becoming the youngest unicorn company in history. And just after its foundation in June 2014, APUS Group has attracted an investment at 100 million RMB by Northern Light Venture Capital and Redpoint Ventures. In December 2014, APUS received more than 100 million US dollars in its Series B financing round from Chengwei Capital, SIG and Qiming Venture Partners. And Northern Light Venture Capital and Redpoint Venture furthered their investments. Now, the market value of APUS Group has exceeded 2 billion US dollars. APUS System connects global mobile users with internet and provides all-in-one solutions for smartphone interaction management, application management and acquisition, information management and acquisition, and social management. Therefore to meet all-around needs for smartphone usage and internet access. APUS System includes APUS Launcher, APUS Know, APUS Discovery, APUS Boost, APUS Search, APUS Headlines, APUS Message Center as well as other products and services.