• 1998

Company Description

Aql is an Ofcom-regulated telecommunications operator.

Aql is an Ofcom-regulated telecommunications operator. They provide wholesale integrated communications services ranging from mobile messaging, IP telephony, fibre and wireless leased lines, secure datacentre hosting to machine-to-machine (m2m) services for the growing demand of the Internet of things (IoT) marketplace. Their wholesale focus means that they usually service the end customer in partnership with other technology suppliers, such as systems integrators, specialist telecommunications operators and internet service providers. They also supply direct to larger enterprise who manage the integration function in house. They have almost 20 years' experience in the integration of their services to help streamline b2b and b2c communications. They strive to serve the accelerated digital needs of global businesses. Their goal is to help businesses and cities keep pace with the latest technological changes by leveraging the power of high bandwidth, secure storage, mobile connectivity and innovation. We are at the heart of smart city initiatives, from the secure SIM cards embedded in remote devices, through to providing the datacentre space for e-health, logistics and security sectors.