• 2015 February 01

Company Description

Aqrate offers you a new way to evaluating both cost and quality of translations.

Transparency in translation costs can be elusive, yet there is a key to evaluating both translation costs and quality. That key is taking control of translation memories and word counts. Currently, TMs and word counts are managed by Language Service Providers (LSPs) who tell you how many words can be recovered from the memories and how many still require translation. So, the people who are selling you translations are the ones who are telling you how much you need to spend and how much you can save. It is like putting petrol in your car without knowing how much is in the car or how much is being added. Aqrate approach is completely unique in the industry and was created to take control of word counts and your translation memories (TMs) by centralizing them in your organization’s own repository so that every department in your company can benefit, thus maximizing the savings benefits. With aqrate you can reduce translation costs and increase quality controls without changing your suppliers.