• 2007

Company Description

Aqua Connect, is the world’s leading Mac terminal server enterprise software company.

Aqua Connect, Inc. has been delivering unique remote desktop solutions for Mac OS X since 2007. Most people know us as the innovators of the world's first Mac Terminal Server and also as the first company to license Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol for Mac OS X Server. While we are proud of those distinctions, our goal is to continue to provide market leading software solutions that promote interoperability and meet the demands of today's end users. Aqua Connect allows companies and their systems administrators to consider a whole new cost-effective solution in enterprise computing for the Mac platform. A company’s systems administrator can install Aqua Connect’s solution on a Mac OS X machine and make applications available over the network. In addition to allowing for easy software deployment, the ability to connect from virtually any computing platform provides a powerful option for making any number of current Mac OS X applications available to users with a limited investment. In other words, users need not update their Mac hardware or switch to the Mac platform from existing PC clients to be able to access existing and newer Mac OS X applications.