• 2006

Company Description

Aqua-tools develops diagnostic tools for management and optimization of sanitary and industrial risks linked to water cycle.

Aqua-tools is an innovative company specialized in microbial monitoring of water. Aqua-tools is the exclusive distributor in Europe, Africa and Middle East of LuminUltra™ products, based on the 2nd generation of ATP-metry. These kits are developed exclusively for microbial control of water : from ultrapure water to wastewater and anything between. We are accompanying our customers at every step of the development of their water surveillance programs – from the first hands-on the technology, through the analysis of their daily results using the technology, up to the implementation of water quality guidelines specific for each installation. We are working on a sustainable water use approach - economy, efficiency, environment - through a relevant use of water and chemicals in the water network installations. Proud of the notoriety we have achieved, we are in process of integrating new approaches for air, surface and physical water treatment.

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    Science and Engineering
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  • Founders:

    Marc Raymond
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    Route de Renault
  • CEO:

    • Marc Raymond
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