• 2009 March 31

Company Description

Free from Googling. Hyperlink of Things Connects the World Search-Less

Now, online is too crowded to increase conversions for online service providers. Although we tend to believe that searching with keyword is general way to capture the target content for everyone, however Google's survey says over 50%+ smartphone users don’t utilize Google search even once per day in this mobile first world. It's complicated for majority. (Please note that WE are minority as tech-geek.) For businesses, like online service providers, it’s hard to differentiate from competitors because traditional online channels are already crowded. To solve these double-sided issues, we provide much better alternative solution and free from googling. We developed SmartPlate as the Hyperlink of Things which associate physical things with a variety of online content or services with ease. You can slide your smartphone over the plate, then capture the target content at the micro-moment. Since SmartPlate is completely browser-based, no apps needed to access. What a frictionless! It’s easy to activate by patented technology, easy to setup, easy to reuse, and enable to work without battery. Everybody can make bookmark to physical things on their hand. This reinvention of the hyperlink has a huge potential with every industries. We connect the world search-less, opens the door to the boundless synchronicity between physical and cyber spaces on your palmtop, then accelerate IoT Connected Life.