• 2014 November 01

Company Description

Automated 'Self-Leveling' Residential Home Foundation Repair System Utilizing IoT Sensors, Cloud Computing and Irrigation Technology

In a typical year, expansive soils cause a greater financial loss to property owners than earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes combined. Market research puts the annual value of foundation damage somewhere between $9 billion (US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development) and $12.6 billion (Foundation Repair Association). Aquadation is a disruptive, patented foundation repair and maintenance system that uses Internet-connected tilt sensors (with very sensitive accelerometers) mounted on foundations and subsurface drip irrigation systems to level a home. Their initial customers will be the nation's three largest new home warranty companies (2-10, BBWG and StrucSure). NDAs have been signed with all three companies, and face-to-face meetings have been held with their senior management teams. Commercial sales are planned for late 2016.