• 2011

Company Description

Aquamatix is a software company specialising in the real-time control and development of smart water and wastewater infrastructure.

We were one of the early pioneers of IOT having identified Thingworx as the leading industrial IOT platform back in 2011. We developed WaterWorX as a SaaS vertical solution or 'Powered-by' solution sitting on top of Thingworx. We have implemented the software in private and municipal water applications. WaterWorX is a library of standard templates representing pumps, flowmeters, water quality sensors and all the physical assets making up a river, canal or water treatment plant or network application. It can sit alongside and integrate with existing SCADA systems in order to extend the life of legacy network management system. It also enables interoperability with enterprise and business systems. It captures and embodies expert knowledge, is quick to deploy and enhance providing users with energy efficiency saving, improved operational control, virtual alarm centre via smartphone and asset diagnostics. We bring together low-power sensors, wireless networks, cloud, data analytics and mobile computing to deliver high performance low-cost systems as standard. Laurie Reynolds has a passionate belief in importance of interoperability, and is pursuing development of SWIM - a semantic ontology an open data standard representing smart water networks.