• 2006

Company Description

AquaMobile S.L. provides solutions for securing, managing, and tracking the use of digital and printed images. It offers security products, including Secure PDF that enables to prevent and identify confidential information leakage; SecureStamp that offers printed encoding; Secure Rubber Stamp that offers watermarking technologies; Secure Degree that offers watermarking protection against forgery; Secure Check that provides protection for legal printed payment document; ImageBridge that offers images or logos protection; and MyPictureMarc that offers digital protection for online portfolios. The company also provides mobile marketing products, including CLIC2C, a software for camera equipped mobile devices that decodes hidden watermarks in printed objects; Text2c, a software that decodes hidden watermarks in printed objects for mobile devices with no cameras; Code2c that provides barcode reading services; and GATEWAY MMS/SMS that enables sending and receiving SMS and MMS. Its technologies are used in feature films, music, broadcasts, television programs, and printed and digital imaging, as well as entertainment, television and radio broadcasting, electronic devices, and information technology sectors.