• 2012 June 12

Company Description

AquarisPlus has been working on its product line EVOLVE - Aquarium Monitoring & Advisory System since 2010.

Testing your aquarium water is a key component of maintaining a healthy environment for your fish. The question is, what should you test? Aquarist spend a lot of time and efforts to keep their livestock colourful and healthy with all available resources. Manual testing and water monitoring is a time consuming and frustrating process. EVOLVE’s main aim is to cater that need of aquarist by providing them with the most accurate results and recommendations as a helping hand. Compared to buying a testing kit, aquarist would now have an option to get all in one solution - EVOLVE. Market data suggests with over 100 million aquarist in USA and Europe spend estimated cost over 4 billion on water testing kits annually. Besides cost aquarist dedicate approximately 10 - 15 hours on weekly basis on water testing.